Ready to Be Your Home

Fantastic news — 1450 Pebblebrook Road is now ready for a new family. Our expert team has completed this home’s renovation, and improvements include refinishing this home’s guest restroom with new tile, installing fresh carpet, new coats of paint in the interior, and installing a brand new porch in an eye-catching red.

Our most recent improvement was the installation of all brand-new appliances in this home’s kitchen, fully furnishing the heart of this home. With new appliances, this home’s kitchen is ready for daily needs for years to come. You may see the dramatic difference in our slideshow above!

1450 Pebblebrook Road is a beautiful, fully-renovated, brick ranch on over 1/2 acres of land. This 1161 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Winston-Salem, NC is close to a major roadway for commuters. This property features plenty of yard space and fully-grown shade trees. We are offering a free Home Depot gift card to the buyer of this home, and agents will receive an additional 3% in addition to their regular commission upon the closing of this home.

This home will be having an open house soon, so don’t delay in reaching out for more information from Michelle Mattison at her number, 704.254.9919. For other available homes, please see our list in the sidebar under “Our Atlanta Discount Home Deals”.

Almost Ready for You

Rehabilitation is progressing steadily at 1450 Pebblebrook Road! Our expert team on location is nearly finishing with rehabilitating this property into a wonderful single-family home. In the photos above, it is apparent that a lot of work has been put into the interior and exterior of this home. Some highlights include a new ceiling fan for the family room, clean carpets, fresh tonal paint, and that beautiful refurbished bathroom. With all of those windows, the natural light is sure to make this home shine.

This home is almost finished — check back soon for our updates on the finishing touches. For a look at our expert team’s previous work on the property, please see our previous post, Ongoing Progress.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please reach out to Michelle at her number: 704.254.9919.

Ongoing Progress

An update about this property — our expert team on location has some great images of recent improvements to a restroom in this home. As you can see in our BEFORE and AFTER pictures in the slideshow, the restroom prior to refurbishing needed to be inspected for decay.
After replacing the water-affected boards underneath, this bathroom was repaved with beautiful, warm tile. Now it is proofed for your future day-to-day needs.

Check back soon for more changes! For a look at how we ramped up the exterior of this home, please see our prior post, Putting Our Best Foot Forward — A New Front Porch.

For more information, please reach out to Michelle Mattison at her number, 704.254.9919.

Putting Our Best Foot Forward — A New Front Porch

Greetings from the Atlanta Discount Home Deals team! We have a very special update for you — our team on location has completed a major update to this home.

Before our team began the rehabilitation process, this home’s exterior front was lacking proper finishing. The team has installed and painted beautiful, carved railings, and you can see how much it makes a difference in our BEFORE and AFTER pictures above.

With the railings installed, this home is now prepared for young children and also offers a more complete feeling to the entire architecture of the building.

For a look on our previous improvements to this property, please see our prior post, Getting Started. Come back soon to see the wonderful new changes!

For more information about this property, please contact Michelle Mattison at her number: 704.254.9919.

Getting Started

The great exterior has some special areas of attention that once given new life will be inviting to all families who lay their eyes on it. Taking a look around this cozy home gives you the feeling of great expectation. We have begun our journey to create new life at 1450 Pebblebrook Drive.

With the task of renovating the exterior well underway we started with a deep pressure washing of the bricks, eave and facial boards, window treatment, driveway and the front porch. It’s amazing what some water, cleaning solution, and hard work can do. See where we began in our renovation of this home in our previous post, The Big Beginning.

This house has its own unique character and a relaxing environment that your family is going to enjoy for years to come.

Come back to see the wonderful new changes.

For more information, please contact Michelle Mattison at 704.254.9919.

The Big Beginning

This beautiful brick ranch in Winston-Salem on over 1/2 acres of land was in need of renovation. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home at 1450 Pebblebrook Road, Winston-Salem, NC will be transformed. We got out the gate in late May beginning with the kitchen. The home will be ready within a few weeks. This property, once an eyesore for the community, will become the jewel of the neighborhood. Stay posted to watch the amazing transformation.

For more information please contact Michelle Mattison at 704.254.9919.